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Simply put:

Mathesis Universalis (hereafter MU) is generally about conversations among universal constants of every kind and their nature within themselves and to each other. They can be described as harmonious or disharmonious depending upon where your perspective is.

Our products reveal that by directing our attention to the harmony of these conversations we can open up knowledge like a Christmas present!

There are at least two basic conversations involved: that of creation and that of discovery. We speak of creation when we think or feel like we have made something; and of discovery when we think or feel we have found something.

MU is also about a long standing and very often contrived “battle” among humans regarding their difficulty to manage different viewpoints of essentially the same thing! The battle has been going on for longer than we can remember and may likely continue indefinitely if we don’t grow beyond our susceptibility to these mechanisms of division/polarization and learn to recognize them as they arise. It takes on forms such as male vs. female, “good” vs. “bad”, self vs. other, old vs. new or even our differences vs. our sameness! The harmony we seek can end this war leaving all sides of the battle the victor.

And MU is about a dream that became a tradition shared by a few prominent (as well as many unknown) people throughout remembered time: a unified way to view and understand the world.

We discovered that this dream paradoxically can both be fulfilled and yet not be fulfilled simultaneously – all the while being very useful to our understanding of knowledge and ourselves at the same time! MU is a process that thrives on completely different perspectives through various kinds of harmonization.

Those conversations described above are being examined and manipulated such that we are in a better position to navigate and understand both our existence and our being. This examination unveils an unending spiral of development that most likely will never end. It is a journey onto the structure and into the flow of everything we can know or feel.

A bit more analytical:

There are uncountable dialogs going on among the underlying ‘intelligences’ of our Cosmos1. Some of these dialogs are unknowable. Many can and do span all of space-time2. They are sometimes indistinguishable and yet they can involve everything.

A dialog is always expressed as a message issued from a sender which is being sent to a receiver. Bear in mind that the sender sometimes also takes on the role of the receiver, that the messages may arrive at their destination as a group or may not reach their destination at all.

The message is always carried by a messenger. The forms that the messenger can take on are limitless and often very surprising. The message itself is often knowable, but can also be indefinable. When we project our awareness onto these dialogs, we experience them in two ways relative to us:



We use the term creation when we take on the role of the sender of these messages (or message groups). And we use the term discovery when we take on the role of the receiver. The dialog, if distinguishable, may contain messages that are in themselves harmonious or an expression of harmony among some or all of the participants.

The universal constants reveal what is essential in everything. They play a profound role in these dialogs as well they should – they are the progenitors of them.

¹ Kosmos, if you prefer. ² I prefer the form “space+time”, but bow to convention here.